Landscaping Projects

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In Utah, whether you are in Salt Lake City or Park City, you may be ready to start landscaping your yard!

We offer Free Estimates on your landscaping needs so give us a call so that we can schedule your job!

Many people are wanting an amazing yard with little to no work, some are wanting to use less water yet others are wanting an outdoor kitchen you may want it all.

We offer many services here are a few:

Landscaping Salt Lake City 55

Sprinkler Tune-ups and Repair
Design and Install
Water Feature

We can also schedule to take care of your landscape and maintain it all summer long so you can relax and enjoy you summer with out yard work!

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Schedule Snow Removal

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Well January is over! Hopefully the cold too!

Retire your Snow Shovel and leave the snow removal to us. Ridgeline Landscaping is here for all your snow removal needs in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Whether you have a large parking lot or a private driveway we can schedule to remove the snow even before you deal with it.

We often think that once we hit February the snow is over! We have always had snow up until at least April. So if your tired of dealing with the snow for your home or commercial property gives us a call and leave the snow removal to Ridgeline Landscaping.

Schedule today! 801-703-4002 and leave your snow removal worries behind!

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Snow Removal

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Snow RemovalIt’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about who is going to remove your snowed in driveways and pathways! Here at Ridgeline, we offer fast and affordable snow removal services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding valley. Never again will you have to wake up at the freezing crack of dawn to get out and shovel your snow. Let the professionals handle it!

From residential to commercial, we have the manpower and equipment to handle any size snow removal job. Regular scheduling can be made for us to come to your place once a day or more to clear the driveways, parking lots and pathways to increase safety as well as comfort.

Don’t Wait! Give us a call for a FREE estimate for your property’s snow removal this winter.


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Sprinkler Winterization Service

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Sprinkler WinterizationRidgeline Landscaping offers the very best in sprinkler winterization in Salt Lake City and the surrounding cities for only $75. It’s important to have your sprinkler system “blown out” to avoid any costly ruptures that often occur when the temperature dips below freezing on those cold Utah winter days and nights.

If the system is not winterized, it’s common to have pipes burst from the water inside the lines freezing and then expanding. Without anyplace for the water or air to go, the pipes will crack and burst in certain areas. These areas are never predictable and can happen anywhere along the lines. The great thing is that we offer a full sprinkler blow out for as little as $75.

Save yourself from unnecessary sprinkler repairs and give us a call today for a FREE estimate!


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Utah Organic Gardening Techniques

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Utah Organic Gardening Techniques

Several sources of research shows that using synthetic products and fertilizers can have a detrimental effect on the environment, as well as the human health. The basic premise behind organic gardening is avoiding the use of pharmaceutical pesticides and fertilizers, whilst utilizing naturally occurring resources. In an ideal organic garden, the resources required for the plants to thrive should be biologically recyclable and automatically renewable, as things naturally occur in the wilderness. This purpose can be achieved in using natural substitutes for chemical alternatives, such as using plant compost instead of commercial soil replacements packages.

Organic matter

One of the most important aspects of organic gardening is a good understanding what organic matter is. The idea is that, organic matter is anything that naturally occurs without human or scientific intervention. This can range from plant leaves, plant decay, as well as animal waste fertilizers. Even compost of wasted food can be classified as organic matter. In terms of gardening, organic matter can serve a wide variety of purpose, from soil fertilization to invigoration.

Soil caretaking

In the nature, there are no chemical fertilizers to feed nutrition to the plants, yet there exists millions of thriving greenery with no outside intervention whatsoever. The basic premise to this natural advancement is in the soil. It is the soil content that determines the nutrition and health levels of the plant. Quite simply, a healthier soil reservoir results in a healthier garden. There are different types of naturally occurring soil depending on the geographical location, with some sustaining green life more than others. However, organic soil alternatives can be picked up at an organic store to easily remedy incompatible soil. In addition, by applying quality organic matter to dry soil, it can be transformed into healthy, life-sustainable soil in a matter of days.

Pests and insects

A common misconception is that organic gardens are left completely vulnerable to pest infestation. This couldn’t be further from the truth: although unkempt organic gardens are susceptible to contamination by insects, proper alternatives to chemical pesticides exist to ensure a healthy gardening approach.

  • Organic pesticides are the most effective solution to this problem. Many organic stores carry naturally manufactured pesticides in stock, and are often as effective as the chemical alternative.  Depending on the type of insect infestation, a wide variety of organic pesticides exist to remedy the issue.
  • Inter-plantation is an effective approach to minimizing the effects of a certain type of infestation. The reasoning is simple, by varying the type of plantation that is in close proximity to one another, probability dictates that the chances of a certain infestation degrading different varieties of plantation are minimal.
  • Traps and barriers are a cost-effective and reliable approach at ensuring the safety of plantation by minimizing the amount of insects with access .
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Tips On How To Keep Your Utah Lawn Healthy

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Both books and experts’ advice can provide you with a lot of tips on how to keep your lawn healthy. You may need to pay for the information by purchasing some books or hiring a professional to provide you with an advice. Luckily, some are readily available –as in the case of the following tips here:

1. On Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer application is needed to provide the grasses with the nutrients they need like phosphate and nitrogen. A lot of commercial fertilizers have various combinations of chemicals that include the two aforementioned nutrients. Those who prefer organic food may use natural fertilizers like bone meal since it contains a lot of phosphate. For nitrogen application, lawn owners can leave the grass clippings on the lawn. Once grass clippings decompose, nitrogen slowly deposits deep into the soil, giving enough nitrogen for the grass to make use of.

2. On Regular Grass Mowing

Regular grass size reduction must be done. Mowing every two weeks is recommended. Usually, 2 to 3 inches of grass must be cut during fall and spring while 2.5 to 3.5 inches need to be cut every summer. By doing this, the grass will grow optimally.

3. On Moisture And Water Application

You must regularly make sure that the lawn is adequately watered.  Also, you need to remember that while it is established that the lawn does need water, the amount needed depends upon the soil type, the grass type, and the season. Sandy soil may need a lot of water since it can hold water barely while clayey soil need less water because of its high water retention rate. Some kinds of grass may need a lot of water while others just require very little moisture to survive. In terms of season, summer requires the most amount of water since it is very hot and that leads to faster water evaporation.

4. On Lawn Aeration

Lastly, homeowners must at least allot some time for the lawn aeration. They may do it by making some holes on the soil surface for the air and moisture to penetrate the lawn easily. Then, aeration may be done using garden fork, spiked shoes and a lawn aerator machine.

By applying the tips on how to keep your lawn healthy, any homeowner can keep his lawn beautiful and healthy. Keeping the lawn in good condition requires some effort, but all of the efforts are paid off with the beauty and additional value that a well-manicured lawn can bring to one’s home.

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How To Get Rid Of Gophers

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How to Get Rid of Gophers

Ruined gardens make the backyard ugly so it is very important to seek help from Ridgeline Landscaping and to learn how to get rid of gophers. If they are not removed, the plants will be devastated and the grounds will be filled with holes. They are small but terrible since they will give any garden owner a headache with the garden condition. In addition, they multiply so fast that even poison cannot control them totally. Making the garden unappealing to pests makes it protected from gopher infestation.

If the garden suffers only from gophers, raised beds would save the garden plants from the infestation. In addition, gardeners would have less effort in taking care of the plants while those plants are safe from gophers. Raise beds can be created by placing a hard cloth at the lowest part of the garden bed. Next, some rhizome barriers may be placed on the ground surrounding the garden beds. The barriers must contain fast-growing rhizomes to keep gophers out of the precious garden.

Another tip from Ridgeline Landscaping on how to get rid of gophers is by building another barrier. The barrier must be placed around the property to maximize the protection against gophers. Gophers cannot climb so it is wise to build a concrete one-foot tall fence with a foundation of about half to a foot.

Smells may also be used as part of gopher infestation prevention. Natural smell alteration may be done by using some non-toxic commercial sprays on the garden plants to produce unattractive smells for gophers to stay out of the garden. Other smell alteration products are attached to garden hose to mix the product content with water while supplying moisture to the garden.

Gophers also take advantage of their hearing as they use it to detect any upcoming danger. Gardeners may use some sound-producing devices to constantly supply sounds on the ground and continuously keep the gophers away. The devices are so cheap that allow gardeners to save a lot without compromising their garden condition. On top of that, the sound-producing devices create sounds that only gophers detect so dogs and the garden owners are free from sound disturbances.

Lastly, gardeners must have the knowledge on how to get rid of gophers guided by Ridgeline Landscaping since they need to protect their plants from being destroyed. The aforementioned tips can be practically used to get rid of them for good so that plants will grow optimally. Every gardener must also remember that natural ways on controlling the gopher infestation is better than the chemical ones as the latter may pose risks to other organisms especially to human beings.

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Salt Lake City Sprinkler Repair – What To Do Next

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How to Determine You Have a Broken Lawn Sprinkler System and What to Do Next?

In Salt Lake City, there exists a quiet satisfaction in admiring the beauty of a well manicured lawn. A carefully conceptualized garden adds warmth and ambience to any house. Most landscape services like Ridgeline Landscaping make the garden a more welcoming space where one can just sit and relax. Proper garden care and an effectively working lawn sprinkler system are very important in the upkeep of a perfect garden space. It is then necessary that one should at least know the basics of garden sprinklers. You must know how to determine if you have a broken lawn sprinkler system and what to do next in case in breaks down. One must be ready to perform emergency repairs in case a part of the sprinkler system falls apart.

Common Problems Encountered by Lawn Sprinkler Owners

The most common problem encountered by homeowners in Salt Lake City with their lawn sprinkler system is the broken heads of the sprinkler. You may often find several broken sprinkler heads scattered all over the garden especially after mowing the grass. Lawn mowing, snow shoveling, vandalism of property or just plain wear and tear are the likely culprits for broken sprinkler heads.

You can solve this by keeping a stash of spare sprinkler heads in your tool shed. Read the instructions on how to attach these heads to the sprinkler stem. Consider the depth of the installation. Digging deep will help avoid lawn mowing mishaps or accidental shoveling contacts with the sprinkler head. Professional landscape contractors are expected to know how to determine if the lawn sprinkler system is faulty and what to do next to properly install and replace broken sprinkler heads. You can easily employ their services if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

Another common complaint is water leakage. This is a serious waste of money since this will definitely jack up your water utility bill. It will even cause harm to the plants and trees because of over watering. You can easily detect this with the accumulation of water or the formation of muddy puddles in some areas of the lawn. There will also be areas of dry brown patches where the water failed to pass. Check for broken pipes or faulty sprinkler heads.

Other times one will find that sprinklers valves are continuously open and have a hard time detracting. This will easily be solved by de-clogging the sprinkler head. It is often that debris of dirt, stones, weeds, and other garden materials get stuck and mess in the way of the water spray.

Issues like broken lawn sprinkler systems are likely to be experienced by many homeowners. As a result, it is necessary to know how to properly install and replace broken sprinkler heads to save on professional fees. Remember that most water garden problems can be easily solved. You just need to check the sprinkler system installed in your garden regularly. If you’re looking for the best sprinkler repair in Salt Lake City, you have come to the right place.

(801) 703-4002

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Water Features for Landscaping In Utah

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The business of setting up breathtaking water features in Utah for landscaping continues to thrive due to the great aesthetic quality that it adds even to the simplest of homes. Ridgeline landscaping services offers a variety of landscaping designs for gardens, fountains, ponds, and waterfalls.

When considering having a beautiful water feature installed, it’s important to take the proper steps. One needs to hire expertly trained and experienced people that can better assist you to make the right choices in the design, installation and maintenance of your garden’s water feature at home. But in order to achieve a focal water garden feature that will perfectly accent your home, your involvement in planning the water design is important.

Water features for landscaping add ambience to an otherwise dull garden. It provides a soothing atmosphere and even covers other unwanted surrounding noise. Plan with a professional landscaper and assess the size of your garden. The Utah water feature design should be appropriate for the available space in your garden. It must add an accent and not overcrowd the garden space.

The location of the water feature must be as such that guests who visit your home will have an unobstructed view of the pond or fountain. The type of water feature that will be installed in your home should be made in accordance to the effect that you want achieved when you sit and relax in your garden patio. Are you a fan of the Zen atmosphere which is tranquil and very soothing? Then, better go for simple designs with steady and softly cascading waterfalls. If you have the flair for theatrics, go for intricate bubbling ponds and fountains with large statues.

The Utah water features for landscaping must always complement the over-all look of the garden. This will not be a problem to homeowners who are building their garden side by side with the water feature in mind. But for those who already planned and installed their garden landscape and just thought of a water feature as a late addition, they must be careful in choosing a design that will not clash with their existing garden concept.

Lastly, the water feature you choose can become a permanent fixture in your garden and its care and maintenance should not strain your budget and take a lot of your time. Look for landscapers who specialize in cost-effective and low-maintenance water feature designs for budget conscious and practical homeowners.  If you’re considering a water feature for your Utah home, look no further than Ridgeline.


(801) 703-4002

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Using a Professional Landscaper vs. DIY

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What are the advantages of using a professional landscaper vs. DIY? There are many, actually. After people see just how advantageous it is to leave the job to landscapers, very few of them would even try to take on the job themselves. Why should you pay for the services of experts if you think that you can handle the job?

• Time. Between your family, your friends and your tedious day job, do you really have the time to do the landscaping? Some homeowners don’t even have the time to mow their lawns. What more if they want to add some concrete to their patio or driveways? Time is actually one of most homeowners’ biggest concerns. Not only do these experts have the time for the job, they could also do it in a shorter timeframe.

• Skills. You think you know how to plant? Think again. Plants add beauty to a garden or a yard, and many people would dig up holes and put in some seeds, water them every day and wait for beautiful flowers to grow out from it. But is it really that easy? Most homeowners would need landscapers for their knowledge on plants and geography. But, come to think of it, is anything really that easy when it comes to landscaping?

• Tools. Admit it or not, some landscaping jobs just aren’t made for the human hands, and this is one advantage of using a professional landscaper vs. DIY. If you’re thinking about leveling or grading your yard with a shovel and a pail, then you are in for a physically and mentally draining weekend. Many people hire professionals only because renting out machines and tools needed to have the job done is even more expensive.

• Cost. Service fees aren’t the only things that you need to pay. Some people compare the price and the price alone. You might also want to consider the amount of time, effort and energy that you’d put into the job should you decide to do it yourself. Now, does it really seem that you’d save more in DIY projects?

Using a professional landscaper vs. DIY is a choice that many homeowners have been wise to make as they have saved great amounts of time and effort. Though there are times that doing it yourself could be cheaper, most people would choose expert services because of the reasons stated above and more.

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