How To Get Rid Of Gophers

How to Get Rid of Gophers

Ruined gardens make the backyard ugly so it is very important to seek help from Ridgeline Landscaping and to learn how to get rid of gophers. If they are not removed, the plants will be devastated and the grounds will be filled with holes. They are small but terrible since they will give any garden owner a headache with the garden condition. In addition, they multiply so fast that even poison cannot control them totally. Making the garden unappealing to pests makes it protected from gopher infestation.

If the garden suffers only from gophers, raised beds would save the garden plants from the infestation. In addition, gardeners would have less effort in taking care of the plants while those plants are safe from gophers. Raise beds can be created by placing a hard cloth at the lowest part of the garden bed. Next, some rhizome barriers may be placed on the ground surrounding the garden beds. The barriers must contain fast-growing rhizomes to keep gophers out of the precious garden.

Another tip from Ridgeline Landscaping on how to get rid of gophers is by building another barrier. The barrier must be placed around the property to maximize the protection against gophers. Gophers cannot climb so it is wise to build a concrete one-foot tall fence with a foundation of about half to a foot.

Smells may also be used as part of gopher infestation prevention. Natural smell alteration may be done by using some non-toxic commercial sprays on the garden plants to produce unattractive smells for gophers to stay out of the garden. Other smell alteration products are attached to garden hose to mix the product content with water while supplying moisture to the garden.

Gophers also take advantage of their hearing as they use it to detect any upcoming danger. Gardeners may use some sound-producing devices to constantly supply sounds on the ground and continuously keep the gophers away. The devices are so cheap that allow gardeners to save a lot without compromising their garden condition. On top of that, the sound-producing devices create sounds that only gophers detect so dogs and the garden owners are free from sound disturbances.

Lastly, gardeners must have the knowledge on how to get rid of gophers guided by Ridgeline Landscaping since they need to protect their plants from being destroyed. The aforementioned tips can be practically used to get rid of them for good so that plants will grow optimally. Every gardener must also remember that natural ways on controlling the gopher infestation is better than the chemical ones as the latter may pose risks to other organisms especially to human beings.

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