Salt Lake City Sprinkler Repair – What To Do Next

How to Determine You Have a Broken Lawn Sprinkler System and What to Do Next?

In Salt Lake City, there exists a quiet satisfaction in admiring the beauty of a well manicured lawn. A carefully conceptualized garden adds warmth and ambience to any house. Most landscape services like Ridgeline Landscaping make the garden a more welcoming space where one can just sit and relax. Proper garden care and an effectively working lawn sprinkler system are very important in the upkeep of a perfect garden space. It is then necessary that one should at least know the basics of garden sprinklers. You must know how to determine if you have a broken lawn sprinkler system and what to do next in case in breaks down. One must be ready to perform emergency repairs in case a part of the sprinkler system falls apart.

Common Problems Encountered by Lawn Sprinkler Owners

The most common problem encountered by homeowners in Salt Lake City with their lawn sprinkler system is the broken heads of the sprinkler. You may often find several broken sprinkler heads scattered all over the garden especially after mowing the grass. Lawn mowing, snow shoveling, vandalism of property or just plain wear and tear are the likely culprits for broken sprinkler heads.

You can solve this by keeping a stash of spare sprinkler heads in your tool shed. Read the instructions on how to attach these heads to the sprinkler stem. Consider the depth of the installation. Digging deep will help avoid lawn mowing mishaps or accidental shoveling contacts with the sprinkler head. Professional landscape contractors are expected to know how to determine if the lawn sprinkler system is faulty and what to do next to properly install and replace broken sprinkler heads. You can easily employ their services if you do not have the time to do it yourself.

Another common complaint is water leakage. This is a serious waste of money since this will definitely jack up your water utility bill. It will even cause harm to the plants and trees because of over watering. You can easily detect this with the accumulation of water or the formation of muddy puddles in some areas of the lawn. There will also be areas of dry brown patches where the water failed to pass. Check for broken pipes or faulty sprinkler heads.

Other times one will find that sprinklers valves are continuously open and have a hard time detracting. This will easily be solved by de-clogging the sprinkler head. It is often that debris of dirt, stones, weeds, and other garden materials get stuck and mess in the way of the water spray.

Issues like broken lawn sprinkler systems are likely to be experienced by many homeowners. As a result, it is necessary to know how to properly install and replace broken sprinkler heads to save on professional fees. Remember that most water garden problems can be easily solved. You just need to check the sprinkler system installed in your garden regularly. If you’re looking for the best sprinkler repair in Salt Lake City, you have come to the right place.

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