The Benefits of Xeriscaping in Utah

Before you learn about the benefits of xeriscaping, it is important to know that it isn’t such a modern idea. It has been used some two decades ago in the hopes to maintain beautiful gardens without having to water, trim and weed them so much. It is now used in many states in the US, including Utah and is without a doubt gaining more and more popularity as years go by.

What is xeriscaping? Defined as landscaping done to reduce water need from irrigation, xeriscaping has been first introduced by our neighbors in Denver, Colorado. It is a landscaping style which makes use of plants, shrubs and trees that grow slow and could withstand draught or survive in lesser amounts of watering and trimming. The benefits of xeriscaping, though, do not end there.

The concept of xeriscaping starts with choosing from a variety of plants that could grow wild in your town or your community. This means that they could grow beautifully without human hands trimming and weeding them out. Many people in Utah decide to xeriscape to save on water consumption both for financial reasons as well as environmental concerns. Since we do live in the high desert, water can at times be a concern.

The common plants used in xeriscaping could grow in whatever seasons and climates your city experiences. This means that, if you live in a place where it rains for only some days in a year, the plants that are native to that place are used to living in near-drought conditions, making them un-needy of constant watering and might even die when given so.

Most places where xeriscaping is popular do not have the ability to support grass growth. There are many alternative plants that could be used and the best thing about them is that they add to the attractiveness of your yard without you needing to mow them every week. They could grow beautifully and it promotes better air conditions for a family to live in. It also promotes less electricity and gas usage for lawn and yard maintenance.

Of course, as with any other landscaping techniques, xeriscaping also gives you the benefit of having your home’s value increased. Contrary to popular belief, the plants used for xeriscaping could be colorful, making them easy to work with. If you are afraid that it could make your home look like a desert, then you might want to look at how xeriscapers actually put their creativity into use.
These are the benefits of xeriscaping and many more others have helped it rise to popularity. It makes your home more beautiful, all the while adding value to it and giving you much fewer things to worry about. If you’re interested in having xeriscaping for your own home, contact Ridgeline Landscaping today!

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