Tips On How To Keep Your Utah Lawn Healthy

Both books and experts’ advice can provide you with a lot of tips on how to keep your lawn healthy. You may need to pay for the information by purchasing some books or hiring a professional to provide you with an advice. Luckily, some are readily available –as in the case of the following tips here:

1. On Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer application is needed to provide the grasses with the nutrients they need like phosphate and nitrogen. A lot of commercial fertilizers have various combinations of chemicals that include the two aforementioned nutrients. Those who prefer organic food may use natural fertilizers like bone meal since it contains a lot of phosphate. For nitrogen application, lawn owners can leave the grass clippings on the lawn. Once grass clippings decompose, nitrogen slowly deposits deep into the soil, giving enough nitrogen for the grass to make use of.

2. On Regular Grass Mowing

Regular grass size reduction must be done. Mowing every two weeks is recommended. Usually, 2 to 3 inches of grass must be cut during fall and spring while 2.5 to 3.5 inches need to be cut every summer. By doing this, the grass will grow optimally.

3. On Moisture And Water Application

You must regularly make sure that the lawn is adequately watered.  Also, you need to remember that while it is established that the lawn does need water, the amount needed depends upon the soil type, the grass type, and the season. Sandy soil may need a lot of water since it can hold water barely while clayey soil need less water because of its high water retention rate. Some kinds of grass may need a lot of water while others just require very little moisture to survive. In terms of season, summer requires the most amount of water since it is very hot and that leads to faster water evaporation.

4. On Lawn Aeration

Lastly, homeowners must at least allot some time for the lawn aeration. They may do it by making some holes on the soil surface for the air and moisture to penetrate the lawn easily. Then, aeration may be done using garden fork, spiked shoes and a lawn aerator machine.

By applying the tips on how to keep your lawn healthy, any homeowner can keep his lawn beautiful and healthy. Keeping the lawn in good condition requires some effort, but all of the efforts are paid off with the beauty and additional value that a well-manicured lawn can bring to one’s home.

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