Trees, Shrubs and Flower Gardens Are Great When You Have a Plan

If you have an exotic selection of plants, flowers and herbs and fertile soil, and want to inject urban charm in your spacious outdoor area, take a moment and realize one thing – trees, shrubs and flower gardens are great when you have a plan. A jumbled look – which can happen if you just keep bringing in decorative structures that suit your fancy – is something you want to avoid.

The key to creating a tranquil, relaxing and delightful garden or outdoor retreat in your yard is careful planning. If you cannot figure out on your own the most important design elements that can set the tone for your landscape area, enlist the services of a landscaping professional. Ridgeline Landscaping can help you with a full or a partial landscape design.

Whether you want a romantic walkway with overhanging branches leading to a pergola, a weathered bench or swing, or a tranquil garden with a water feature or a circular flowerbed as the focal point, you can brighten up your outdoor area in a cost-efficient way. Trees, shrubs and flower gardens are great when you have a plan and if you realize the upkeep that your preferred yard elements will require.

Homeowners with a green thumb and some design skill may actually create a mesmerizing experience. They can marvel at the picturesque view offered by a well-planned garden from atop their balcony or from their porch or patio. A house with a tropical lagoon feel, for instance, may be surrounded by lush plantings of exotic plants with attractive textures, and then have a statement piece. This may be a gigantic tree trunk, a garden gnome, a water feature like a pond with Koi or elegant garden wall with cascading water.

If you have sketched a plan for your garden, you can have Ridgeline Landscaping review it, render the finishing touches and execute it. By employing the principles of repetition and contrast, and eye-pleasing combination of colors and textures, a plain outdoor area can be transformed into a modern, functional space that is relaxing and inspiring.

Ridgeline Landscaping can discuss the plants’ growth requirements, tolerance for light and any special needs required.

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